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Services & Capabilities

Providing Comprehensive Roll Services

Have new rolls built or existing ones repaired and recovered with help from U.S. Roller. Our company offers industrial customers a wide selection of general roll services.

Precision Finishing and Size Capacity

Our experts are happy to tackle any precision finishing job for you. With the capacity for large rolls up to 72 inches in diameter and 10 meters in length, we have you covered. We specialize in several finishing areas, including: 

  • Computer-Controlled and Programmable Profile Finishing
  • Convex and Concave Crowning
  • Custom Grinding Wheel Design
  • Extremely Tight Tolerance (Available on Straight and Crowned Rolls)
  • Finely Polished Low Ra Finishes
  • Light, Medium, Heavy Crepe, and Sawtooth Finish
  • Rolls Up to 394 Inches (10 Meters) in Face Length
  • Rolls Up to 72 Inches (1850 Millimeters) in Diameter
  • True Parabolic and Radial Crowning
  • Wet Grinding (Used on All Finishing Machines To Assure Finish and Tolerance Specifications)
Close Up Groove
Yellow Squeegees Up Close

Roll Coverings and Polymers

We use the most up-to-date rubber application and bonding technology. Our team eliminates air pockets and voids as rubber is applied using the latest extrusion building method. We also use: 

  • Application Analysis and Appropriately Matched Formulations To Fit the Desired Specifications
  • Complete Rubber Analysis and Testing Laboratories
  • Coverings in All Polymers
  • Documented Cure Cycles Appropriate to Industry-Specific Requirements
  • Multiple Curing Systems To Satisfy the Needs of Various Industries
  • Multiple Straining System To Assure Purity of Rubber
  • Over 200 Different Rubber Compounds
  • Precision-Controlled Vulcanization Units

Complete Roll Building

Our team can handle the complete roll-building process from design and fabrication to cover. We manufacture new rolls per print to our customer’s exact requirements. With full roll machining capabilities, we can finish precision tolerance work that conforms to every print specification and detail and exceeds industry standards. Choose us for the following roll-building services:

  • Core Design and Fabrication
  • Design Consultation
  • Design Recommendation
  • Metallurgical Research and Testing
Long Roll Wrapped In Lathe

Specialty Grooving and Crowning

  • Centered Flat With Taper
  • Chevron Grooves
  • Circumferential Grooves
  • Concave Crowns
  • Convex Crowns
  • Diamond-Pattern Grooves
  • Lateral Grooves
  • Parabolic Crowns
  • Sine Crowns
  • Spiral Grooves
  • Step Crowns
  • Wrinkle Reliever Grooves

Specialty Balancing

Let our professionals complete your next precision balancing job to your specifications using our computer-controlled dynamic balancing equipment. All of our work is done in-house. Our team incorporates an understanding of the dynamics of a covered roll while properly handling roll balancing. 

Long Roll Balancer

Roll Repair

Having your rolls fixed does not have to be a challenge. We can meet your critical repair needs for bearing fits, seal fits, gear fits, and welds. Our fullservice roll inspections and repairs include: 

  • Major Repairs (Shafts, End Plates, Headers, Through Shafts, and Core Bodies)
  • Nondestructive Dye Penetrant Testing
  • Precision Bearing Surface Repair
  • Ultrasonic Testing for Roll Journals and Roll Bodies

Bearing Services

  • Bearing Removal
  • Bearing Cleaning and Inspection
  • Bearing Reinstallation
  • Cleaning and Repainting of Bearing Housings


We have a fleet of flatbed trucks to handle your pickup and delivery requirements. Our professionals will load and transport them safely. In most cases, roll pickup and delivery are included in our services.

We will regularly schedule truck runs to your area via phone or email. Our customer service department will ensure everything is arranged to meet your roll pickup and delivery needs.